The Last Race

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Lucy one the most beautiful models and an ugly man Henry with an excellent body fragrance met for the first time in a party. Henry was startled to see the strikingly beautiful lady in the party. He just gave her a smile, but her eyes showed a slight hint of anger at his insolent behavior. In the next moment, he heard an announcement being made by Smith, the organizer of the party, ‘I request my friend Henry, a well-known singer to sing a song and entertain us.’
Henry played with the violin, and the heart titillating sweet tune created the feeling of blooming flower of love in everyone’s heart, He started singing:-

“I know you are not from this earth, I know you are from heaven,”

Henry enjoyed the party. His music and song had made a special impact on people there. His friend Smith noticed him watching her. He called him and introduced her, ‘Henry! Meet the upcoming famous model Lucy; may be she inspired you to sing the song.’
She looked at him with a formal smile as she had no interest in him. He felt insulted.
‘Ask him, could he give me some time?’ She said to Smith.
Henry was surprised. Smith smiled and said, ‘Of course, it would be his pleasure, you wait for him in my room.’
He gently pushed the door halfway and saw the beautiful lady sitting cross legged on the couch. He wanted to seek her permission to enter the room but his tongue was caught up.
‘Come in,’ she said. He entered and hesitatingly took a seat facing her. He was scared. She laughed to see him nervous and asked him, ‘Which fragrance you use that is so captivating? ‘
He said, ‘I don’t use any scent that is my body fragrance.’
She said mocking, ‘No scent! You are a liar!’ He was hurt.
She knew it and without caring asked him, ‘Are the lyrics and music of the song your own composition?’
He nodded. She asked him, ‘What was your inspiration for the song?’
‘You,’ He said hesitatingly. She smiled and said, ‘So it means you think that I am from heaven not from this earth.’ He couldn’t face her. She stood up, He also left his seat. She said, ‘So your eyes were tearing off my clothes and peeping in.’
‘No, I was only singing,’ hurriedly he said saving his position.
She said, ‘Liar!’
His situation turned very awkward. She came close to him and stared at him, ‘You know what happened when you were singing the song?’
He didn’t reply just looked at her to know what had happened. She blushed, her lips were quivering and she was feeling shy.
He gathered courage and asked looking down, ‘What had happened?’
She closed her eyes and said with anguish, ‘I felt your sharp edged eyes were tearing off my clothes, I was feeling nude in the crowd as all eyes were focused at me.’
He was thrilled to know about the impact of his song. Her eyes were closed so he lifted his head and looked at her astonishing beauty. His heart and mind was not in his control. He held her hand and said in trembling voice: ‘Sorry, I promise I won’t sing this song again.’ She freed her hand and whispered, ‘And I felt . . .’
He asked, ‘What?’
‘A touch slipping over on every part of my body,’ she whispered.
He was startled and dumb. He asked her very politely, ‘Whose touch was that?’ She looked at him and their eyes met. He saw the spark in her eyes. She asked him, ‘Do you want to know whose touch that was?’
‘Yes,’ He said hesitatingly. Her lips quivered again, eyelashes were lowered and she said, “It was the touch of…”
He asked her, ‘Touch of what?’
She said, ‘Touch of your sensuous eyes running all over me.’
For a moment he forgot his ugliness and he locked her in his arms.
She didn’t resist, she kissed him.
‘Thanks for the kiss of a beauty to a beast,’ he said.
She separated him from her and said, ‘This kiss was not for the beast, this was for a sensitive heart who knows the depth of beauty.’
She gave him her card and left the room.


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