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After Independence India continued to use the system of administration and the language English left behind by the British with minor changes. Although the country’s leadership came into the hands of able leaders, the actual working of the administration was mostly in the grip of the opportunists and unscrupulous people, largely those who had worked for the British. Revolutionaries and patriots had paid great price for achieving freedom but slowly they got scattered and neglected, their place was taken by the old crooked people. This sent a wrong message to the coming generation that crookedness paid huge dividends in politics. The entire atmosphere got vitiated
‘Lust And Love’ is the story of the family of a freedom fighter who faced heavy odds placed deliberately in his way by the corrupt people who were once his comrades-in-arm. This is also the story of the freedom fighter’s wife who went through very difficult days and their daughter who though forced with her mother into prostitution, dreamt throughout for a honorable place in society.
She though living in sin has tried to give a new interpretation to the ancient Indian philosophy of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram known so far as Satyam- Truth, shivam – prosperous, Sundaram- Beautiful that means truth is always beautiful and prosperous.
But the prostitute’s viewpoint is: Satyam—Truth can also be bitter and not always Shivam—Prosperous, and Sundaram—Beautiful. She describes that Truth can be bitter, dreadful and ugly like her life.
On asking by Abhay to correct  the right meaning of Satyam ShivamSundaram the highly established spiritual thought by our great saints, her explanation was very simple but highly learned, spiritual and acceptable thought throughout the world.
She clarifies, ‘In Shivam the seed of welfare grows in a huge tree and that showers prosperity for all, is the Eternal Truth – Satyam and that is always beautiful – Sundaram.

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Lust and Love is unforgettable fiction based on exploitation of the life of family of a freedom fighter. It reflects present corrupt political scenario and poor law and order situation in the country.

    Lust and Love deserves *****


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