Detective and the Killer

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A foreign source of criminals alerts their associate in Mumbai that a high level detective is appointed secretly to wipe out them. The most complicated situation arises when it comes to their notice that even the source doesn’t know any detail about the detective.
On request, the source fixed a meeting of their well-known agent with the executives of the gang to eliminate the detective and destroy the vital proofs against them.
The so called agent hands over them files of three notorious criminals who can handle any impossible mission for desired money.
Among the three, Butcher is the man whose one hand is chopped off. He is a dreadful and brutal criminal as well as a drunkard and womanizer irrespective of beauty.
Second is Charlie, known as cunning fox in the criminal world. He is an extreme expert in jail breaking. He loves wine and beautiful women and finishes his victim with his own weaknesses. The last but not least, a mysterious person of high caliber, with an unknown identity often works with different names for different missions.
The modus operandi of all the three criminals is different. Apart from this, transformation of a notorious robber in to a saint, importance of Guru, sacrifice of a mother for her son, Niyog to conceive a child and love stories with sex and romance give this book an unforgettable experience.
Just read ‘Detective and the Killer’ and get thrilled..

4.00 out of 5

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  1. 4 out of 5


    Awesome thriller by Mr. Jai Prakash Dangwal.

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