Jay Prakash DangwalJai Prakash Dangwal is an Indian bilingual author. He hails from Uttarakhand, the Hill State of India in the Himalayan range. At present he resides in New Delhi and sometimes in Hyderabad.


He had an inspiration for writing from his father, Kali Prasad Dangwal who set himself as an example for living a simple and virtuous life. He was a true educationist. The noble touch of humanity above caste and religion in the works of Jai Prakash Dangwal is gifted by his father.


Having had worked in materials’ management and marketing, Jai Prakash Dangwal had an opportunity to tour across the country. He not only experienced the lives profoundly but found his many neglected characters in the society to be depicted gracefully in his works.


His first Book “Vasav” was released by honourable Ex. Prime Minister of India Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The novel is highly admired by the readers and critics. His extraordinary way of writing takes the readers to an unexplored world.


All his books are based on huge social message which leaves an everlasting positive impact on the minds of the readers.
His published novel “The Last Race” is a gem from the treasure of his works
His recent digitally published English novels on his website are: “The Last Race”, “Detective and the Killer” and “Lust and Love”.
The best judges are the readers and they can assess value of these Books.
His forthcoming digitally published English novels on his website are:
“Long Live My Son”, “The Other World”, “End of Infatuation” and “Let the fool cry”
His coming digitally published Hindi novels on his website are:
“Vasav”, “Moha Bhanga”, “Parivartan”, “Mukti” and “Jagran”.



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