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Detective And The Killer
A foreign source of criminals alerts their associate in Mumbai that a high level detective is appointed secretly to wipe out them. The most complicated situation arises when it comes to their notice that even the source doesn’t know any detail about the detective.
On request, the source fixed a meeting of their well-known agent with the executives of the gang to eliminate the detective and destroy the vital proofs against them.
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Lust & Love
After Independence India continued to use the system of administration and the language English left behind by the British with minor changes. Although the country’s leadership came into the hands of able leaders, the actual working of the administration was mostly in the grip of the opportunists and unscrupulous people, largely those who had worked for the British.
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The Last Race
Lucy one the most beautiful models and an ugly man Henry with an excellent body fragrance met for the first time in a party. Henry was startled to see the strikingly beautiful lady in the party. He just gave her a smile, but her eyes showed a slight hint of anger at his insolent behavior. In the next moment, he heard an announcement being made by Smith, the organizer of the party, ‘I request my friend Henry, a well-known singer to sing a song and entertain us.
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